Life Alliance is committed to providing quality services to all consumer’s in the communities that we serve. It is our priority to ensure all individuals with special needs have the support and assistance needed in order to be recognized as contributing members of the community and valued for those contributions. Lie Alliance will protect the rights of our consumers and will ensure that all consumers involved in our organization have contributions to his/her success to independent living.

Basic Rights

Consumers of our services have natural human rights. Among these rights are:

These basic rights are to be afforded to all consumers of services through Life Alliance except as limited by guardian wishes or court decisions limiting rights. We take our client's rights seriously and will at all times make every effort to be respectful of our consumers and their rights.

The Right to Grievances

If at any time a consumer of services feels that their rights have been violated they may file a grievance in writing or verbally to the Qualified Professional or the CEO of Life Alliance. A complaint may be made to any employee of Life Alliance but should be discussed with the QP or CEO if resolution can't be achieved. Our clients also have the right to complain to their Case Manager, the Lead Agency or the Governor's Council for Persons with Disabilities at 1-800-821-6922.

The Right to Confidentiality

Confidentiality will be strictly observed. No confidential information will be released without your written consent, a court order or in accordance with federal or state law. Disclosure of confidential information may be made without the express written consent of the client in such cases as determined by the Qualified Professional as being necessary in the interest of the consumer in accordance with GS 122C 52-56.

Release without Consent

Confidential information may be disclosed without the consent of the consumer in the following instances:

  1. When a consumer poses an immediate danger to themselves or others
  2. In cases of Emergency Medical Treatment where the consumer may be unable to make sound decisions for themselves
  3. In cases of a court order
  4. In cases of suspected abuse and/or neglect of themselves or others and exploitation

The Right to Understand and Receive a Copy

I have read and understand these rights as having been explained to me and have received a copy of the form explaining my rights. I further understand my right to complain if I feel these rights have been violated without fear of negative consequences.

If you are a consumer who has been diagnosed with an Intellectual or Developmental disability and are not currently receiving any services or not sure how to access services, please see the following information below.

How to Access Services

Consumers and families can access services by calling any Life Alliance office or one of the LME/MCO organizations.

NC Department of Health and Human Services

NC Medicaid

Developmental Disabilities Institute

Autism Society

Epilepsy Foundation

American Red Cross

Centers for Disease Control/Developmental Disabilities

Traumatic Brain Injury

United Cerebral Palsy

Down Syndrome

Travel for Individuals with Disabilities